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Est. 2001


Insulating & Boarding a Victorian Loft, £1400

Structural Work: Installation of a
6M long RSJ to open up two rooms
to create one large kitchen
Work in progress..

Pot block retaining walls, blocking up doorways
damp proofing - DPC renewel etc
Kitchen Carcassed
 With Timber And Insulated Then Dry-lined Ready For Plastering
Building An Outside
Workspace With
Polycarbonate Roof
Work from 2013:

Underpinning Work:
this building had become cracked and the foundation below had collapsed. i excavated, underpinned and repaired the crack using the helifix system and structural steel work with a C40 concrete mix. the building is now stable and secure.

Then cracks
repaired using
steel ties and chemical fixing
compound and

we now also have upgraded insurance to
£5m public liability! we cover underpinning and structural repairs. Job cost approx. £3500.00 two weeks work.

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