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Est. 2001


We will provide you with a quote and then a contract.
We will provide a Schedule of Works to plot payments against performance.
Stage payments or contractual payments must be made on time or the work will stop. If we are delayed through late payment or failure to pay, we will charge for the days lost @ the cost per man per day of £130 plus hire of any equipment. If payment is not recieved within 7 days, we reserve the right to terminate the contract and leave the job/site completely. We may pursue non payers for loss of profit. We reserve the right to modify/change the order of the Works at our discretion.
Work outside the Schedule of Works is deemed to be additional work or extra work which is chargeable and this work will be quoted for and payment must be made for this work at the same time it is carried out. Payment will not be 'added on' at the end of the job. If you think our quote is too high and seek other contractors to undertake the extra work resulting in delays to our contract, we will charge for days lost.
If we have begun a job and you decide to employ other contractors for other jobs that interfere and delay our contract we will charge for the days lost @ the cost of £130 per man per day.
If the client changes the order of the work after we have begun we may request more funds immediately or amend the payment schedule.
We expect you to provide a water supply and electricity supply at your expense.
The site has to be kept free of children and pets whenever work is being undertaken.
We have a minimum charge of £200 for any job.
We also have the usual business overheads to cover! Due to the recession, we will not fund your job. We do not offer credit.
A deposit of cleared funds is required against materials before any work commences. On larger projects over £500 we can work to stage payments against performance. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES;- CASH OR BANK TRANSFER ONLY - we will still provide receipts etc
Payment must be made strictly on completion of the work - the same day we finish we expect to be paid in full or interest will be added at a rate of 12% per day unil payment is recieved in full.

NON-PAYERS BEWARE: We are providing our skills, time, equipment and, have overheads - which is what we charge for. We expect to be paid the full contracted price for the work. If you expect to have work done and then think you can haggle the price down at the end of the job or make up any excuse you can think of not to pay, we will pursure our debt through the courts. If you have a genuine complaint, we will rectify it, but this does not mean you do not pay.

General Terms of Business As From 1st April 2011:
We are happy to enter into one of the contracts that are supplied by a local county council as a standard basic contract however we would also include the following terms:
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