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Est. 2001


Please call us for a no obligation quote for your job. You can also email us the details of your project with any plans and sketches for a rough idea of cost, but we would usually prefer to visit the site to get a proper look and feel for the project. WE DO NOT OFFER INSURANCE QUOTE!

On small jobs THAT LAST NO MORE THAN 2 DAYS and that do not require any materials, heavy plant and machinery we would usually charge £130 per man per day labour charge. We do not charge half-days; only by the full day. Thereisn't any VAT as we are not VAT registered.  All jobs
exceeding the value of £200 would be given a quote or an estimate, depending on the nature of the work.
On lengthier jobs we would have to carry out a proper survey where we would try to plan your job in stages to be as thorough and meticulous as possible to make the job run as smoothly as possible. We don't turn up, do 5 minutes work, and then wander off for tea breaks; we're there to get the job done! Every job is different, requiring different materials, labour, plant and equipment etc.

We expect to paid strictly on completion of the work we carry out and we may require a deposit against materials. We do not accept Cheques unless as an initial deposit for a job and we would wait until cleared funds have been recieved before any work commences. We only accept cash (and receipts will be provided) or direct bank transfer.

If we are undertaking a large project we require a deposit of usually between 20%-35% as most jobs are 'materials heavy' during the early stages. We will provide you with a plan for stage payments to be made against completion of tasks throughout the project and you only pay when each stage is complete. This way you will be happy with the performance of the job and your regular payments help the job run smoothly. Any problems during stages of a project can be resolved as the work of each stage is carried out.

If we are supplying materials our quote or estimate includes a charge for putting these materials together and we will use materials sufficient for the purpose of the work. If you supply materials we do not accept any liablility for defects, miscalculated quantities, mismatches in appearance of work or the fluctuation in prices of any materials. If work has to be redone due to any of these things, the work will be charged for.
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We have a good track record of the work we've done and we're not just a bodge it 'we're going to buy a new van, get it sign written and drive around in it thinking we're the best company on earth, when we haven't got a clue what we're doing and we've bodged the first job we did': we ensure your job is carried out to a good standard and we try to be as thorough as possible when we quote for the work so that you dont get a quote miles off the basic cost let alone any profit and it all ends in disaster. If you want to pay people £40 a day, don't expect anything other than a shit job! We keep our rates as low as possible but we won't work for free even in this recession! Building is not cheap and you get what you pay for. We do not match other quotes, we'll give a price for what we can do the work for.