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Est. 2001


Surveys & Building Regulations

All of our work will be certified to the appropriate and relevant building standards and will meet all current building regulations.  We will contact and arrange building control inspections for you, although there is a fee charged by building control for their services, which will need to be paid in advance by you. Depending on the size of your project, building control may cost anything between £250 - £2000.

On large projects involving significant structural changes or alterations, we would require a proper engineer  or architects survey to be produced that we can work to. We can of course arrange this for you but these fees would again need to be paid in advance. This is essential as when it comes to signing the work off by building control, they will require proof that the work has been carried out to proper standards or they will not sign off the work; which means that you may not be able to sell your house in the future. We don't do bodge jobs. The other benefit to you is obviously peace of mind that the work has been done properly!


STRUCTURAL WORK: Due to the number of enquiries, we would like to make customers aware that structural building work tends to be very expensive. We provide a professional service (usually over-engineered, belt and braces) and ensure your work is carried out properly.

Damp & Insulation Surveys from £600.00

We are able to offer Damp and Insulation efficiency surveys using our thermal imaging equipment to show you where remedial work needs to be undertaken. Whilst we have provided this service for many years, we will shortly become accredited with CSRT for structural surveying so that you can be sure the reports and results we provide are accurate and credible. A survey costs from £600 upwards depending on what aspects of your building need to be investigated.  Please note, normal quick test surveys for damp with the damp meter are £100 with a report which is refunded when work is undertaken. This does not use the thermal imaging equipment.

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